Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Best Idea I've had

I suggested to my co-op friend that since we were having the unit celebration and ending the quarter, we do what public school teachers do and have a "work day," so we did. What a great idea! We got the kids together to play and sat at her dining table with stacks of books and planned out the next quarter. We got so much accomplished, and when we called the kids in, they were filthy and happy. They had played in the woods all day--what a blast! 

The unit celebration was such fun, but when we tucked Molly in to her bed last night, she said, "It wasn't really how I was expecting..." To which I replied, "Well, what were you expecting?" She said, "I thought it was going to be more party-like." Everyone sort of blinked at her and I said, "Seemed like a party to me--did you dress up? Did you eat hot dogs? Did you have a root beer float? Did you roast marshmallows? Did you do a skit? Did you play with your friends? Jump on the trampoline?" She agreed with us, then, but I still would love to be inside her head and get to "see" exactly what she was imagining. Anyway, it was a party, and the kids were able to enjoy the accomplishments of the last quarter and the moms and dads were able to fellowship. Lovely.

Here are some photos from the evening. I always find it difficult to take indoor photos in the evening and at night and have them turn out half way well, but at least I have a record of the fun.

Meriwether Lewis and his Newfoundland, Seaman

The TOG crew!

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery...and Ewan!

Flat-bottom boats and barges inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson
Isaac, one of our dialectic students showing his timeline display

Salt dough maps and president books from this quarter

Cumulative map of South America

Various lap books and displays


  1. That IS a great idea...if only I were in a coop. Maybe I'll just schedule my own teacher's day ;).

  2. Hey Kristie,
    You don't have to be in a co-op to do this. Get together with any homeschooling friend whose kids get along well with yours, grab your books, brew a pot of coffee, and threaten the kids with whatever if they bother you. :-) It works!

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures from your end of quarter party. They are pretty inspiring.


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