Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 3: Again...or still

Wow, has it been a crazy week! Over the weekend I went away on a day-long retreat, leaving the family home to enjoy our church's all-member picnic celebrating the move to our brand-new building. After driving an hour and a half home, as I was pulling into town off the freeway, less than five miles from home (thank God!) the transmission in my husband's car died. It didn't just die. It died. Time to shop for a new vehicle. Under pressure. No fun. To complicate matters further it was supposed to be our first week in our new, permanent meeting place for the TOG group, and it just didn't work out. Time to reshuffle our location and our calendars again. I had that feeling that my head was about to explode because of the amount of unsolicited junk swirling and knocking  around in my brain. So since we didn't really get any rest that weekend, I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from school. It works out well that we had to shift our meeting days to Friday, because it essentially gives me an extra week to get through the material with the kiddos. Today Glen was off so we spent the day dealing with car issues...Long story short we had a great school week...on Thursday!

Sincerely, it was a great day. We really started delving into our Year 2, Unit 1, Week 4 of TOG. It covers Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The kids were finally well-rested and had great attitudes and enjoyed their work. I'm really looking forward to finishing that topic next week, when we plan to take a "Lewis and Clark Expedition" hike in the local national park after our meeting. The weather forecast looks like it may even cooperate with us.

Our little apple trees continue to grow, and we have a small orchard on our windowsill of 10 apple seedlings in various pots. I am in question about whether they can ever produce apples, however, because I do not know if the seeds are genetically modified. Hmmm. I plan to look into that.


  1. Oh, I hate car shopping under pressure! I hope you were able to find something that meets your needs.

    I love studying Lewis and Clark. What a fun time in American history.

  2. Thanks Daisy! We purchased my husband a brand-new truck...something he's wanted since I knew him. We got a fantastic deal and he's really pleased. He works so hard, he deserves it.


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