Sunday, May 01, 2011

Week 29: Summer's Threshold


I feel like this week passed at the speed of light. It was so full. We didn't get a lot accomplished in the nuts and bolts of school due to doctor appointments and meetings, but it was fun. The school stuff doesn't bother me so much at this point. I don't mind winding down. We are now looking toward gearing up year? Is that possible? It looks like the remainder of the summer this will be the pattern--math and phonics and read-aloud books.

Matty is still listening to the unabridged version of The Two Towers and approaching the end of that book. It's a big undertaking for a little guy, but he's still really enjoying it. He hates Smeagol. He said that he wasn't sure if he could continue listening before bed because he gets so nervous about what Smeagol is going to do...and yet he continues to listen before bed.

I am very excited about this coming school year. There are some potential changes afoot, a lot of thinking and talking about said changes, and some goals that are being set. It's too early to unpack it yet, because it is still in the infant stages, but as things unfold I will be sure to blog about them!

I am hoping that this week we can work solidly on our school work, because after this we will be in vacation-mode. Grandparents come on the 11th, Molly turns 6 on the 12th, and I think I hear the waves of the Outer Banks calling my name as well...This weekend we are putting in our garden and watching the bluebirds nest. It's that time of year.


  1. Love that photo!

    How fun that you are able to get your garden in so early! We're pretty far north, so it's still several weeks till the seedlings in the basement can safely go outside full time. Enjoy; I can hardly wait to get mine in!

  2. Yes. Early May is about right for us. I will have to watch the nighttime lows, but we'll probably be okay. I did plant the main beds today. I'll work on the flowers this week...


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