Wednesday, April 06, 2011

First Day Out...Really Out

Phew...It's been a long 2 1/2 weeks that every member of my family (at one point or another) came down with the flu. I am thankful for a couple of things concerning this: first, is that we have the kind of lifestyle that allows us to dial-down and really take care of ourselves when we're sick--and we did. Second, that I caught it first so that I could empathize and really take care of everyone else while they were sick. Third, that it was cold and rainy for much of that time so that I didn't feel as though I was missing out on too much beautiful spring weather! It may sound strange, but I was really working hard to find the silver lining of things.

Dr. Kaboom!
But today at last we came out of our hole, healthy and with color in our cheeks. The weather was gracious to us and was mild and very sunny--a perfect day for an outing in the city. We were scheduled to see Dr. Kaboom perform at the Kennedy Center, and in spite of heavy traffic heading into the city we squeaked in on time. The performance was hysterical! We laughed and yelled and cheered...over science! If you ever have a chance to see this guy, you really must. He had a way of talking about science and showing simple experiments that inspired me to work much harder at having fun with my kids with this critical subject area! It had the effect of inspiring me to not be afraid of the mess in the kitchen but to enjoy the looks on my kids's faces when science happens.

After the performance we wolfed down some sandwiches and walked around the tidal basin, enjoying the crisp spring weather, the cherry blossoms and the Jefferson and FDR memorials.

This day was the perfect way to celebrate the end of our term, having finished Classical Conversations and a piano recital last night in which both kids performed beautifully.

Matty played "Fur Elise" and "Cruella DeVille"

Molly played "Old MacDonald" and "Ode to Joy"

My goofy boy...


  1. I love your cubic zirconia!

  2. Glad that you all are feeling better! Dr. Kaboom sounds like a lot of fun! My Mom recently sent the girls Tasty Science - it's on Amazon. They made grape-flavored soft drinks a few weeks ago and loved it! There's a lot more to the kit, but that's all we have done so far!


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