Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Fun Day for Lego-Heads

Our trip to the National Building Museum was a fun day.  The massive, underutilized space in the main part of the museum was a fun place to play with the building materials set out for young visitors.  Our gang, which included my two children and my 5 year old godson took full advantage. When our time finally came to go into the Lego exhibit, we were more than satisfied with the enormous model structures that were there, as well as the enormous number of Legos that there were to play with.  (It's amazing how few things in life can excite a boy as much as a large assortment of Lego bricks.)  I was less than satisfied with the number of people and the SOUND of all those Legos getting shoved around.  Ahhh...the sound of little brains and hands at work.  Excuse me, where's the ibuprofen?


  1. I loved this museum, even without the Lego exhibit (although that would have really capped it for me). The place is a little-known gem. Thanks for the photos.

  2. i think i would enjoy it much more without having to police kids. but i agree. i love architecture, and some of the exhibits i really wanted to spend time on, but a particular 5yo boy was more interested in playing "red light green light" down the long corridors.


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