Saturday, March 27, 2010

What She Said!

Last night the parental units of the family went out for a celebratory date.  When we got to the restaurant I found that I was talking my poor husband's head off for an extended period of time about homeschooling, curriculum, goals, challenges, and the ever-interesting "so-and-so's kid..."  I finally asked him if I was driving him crazy, and he assured me that I wasn't.  I realized that I have so much on my mind.  I find that I have to reevaluate about every three months, make new plans, pitch what isn't working, and take stock of myself and what I am doing, as well.

I find that at this moment, I have traversed a threshold in which I am no longer teaching just how to read and write and add sums to my son.  I have come to a point where I am shaping his worldview and educating him, nourishing his hunger to learn rather than just sounding out long and short vowel sounds.  I think about it all the time...what next?  Is what I'm doing enough?  Is it too much?  How can I add more activities that he'll like?  How can we get more exercise as a family?  How can I make him understand that it's more than just eating healthy, or learning a new vocabulary, or memorizing history facts?

On the WTM forum that I like to read, one of the posters who goes by Sahamamama, posted this simple thought:

Of what value is a high wall, if it topples over?
A good foundation is worth the time it takes to lay it.
Be encouraged, and build well.

All of my thinking could be summed up in that.  It is so well said.

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