Friday, February 05, 2010

Poetry, or They Finally Get It!

Sometimes, every once in a while, when the homeschooling routine gets a little too routine-y for me, I break out and do something different.  I bought this book for this very reason, and I've been holding on to it for that just such an occasion.  I was simply not in the mood for the regular grind, so I pulled this book out and said, "Hey guys. listen to this!"

What resulted was multiple readings of several poems, but in particular, it was Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll that grabbed us.  I had the kids lie down on the floor and imagine the story as it unfolded.  If you have never read the poem, it is a story that is built upon nonsense words, but somehow it makes perfect sense.
Then, after they lay on the floor and imagined what I was reading, I encouraged them to draw from their imagination some of the key things that come up in the story:  a jabberwock, a vorpal sword, and a jubjub bird. 

The results were interesting...creative, as only kids can be.  What pleased me the most is not the level of their artwork, but rather that they actually connected with the poem.  Now they ask me to read it to them over and over, and are memorizing it just for fun. 

We continued on in the book and have come to haiku.  Matty found the concept easy and fun, and so today he wrote his first poem, inspired by the snow falling outside.

Beautiful white specks
Falling gently from the sy--
Covers earth in white.

by Matty Mine

I've been waiting to see my children really connect with poetry.  It seems that through this book we have finally closed the loop.  The structure of the lessons in this book seems very palatable, and the pictures are pleasant and add nicely to the lessons.  

Here a couple of our other favorite poetry books:

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  1. I never understood poetry, until I introduced it to my daughter. She loves it and I do, too. Just today we had a "poetry jam" in the living room, where we take our favorite book of poetry, A Family of Poems (Caroline Kennedy's favorite poetry for children) and read to each other. We have discovered a love for Longfellow, Whitman, Hughes, Whittier, Shakespeare, etc. that has enriched both our lives!


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