Wednesday, May 10, 2006


oh, my...i went in to check in on my almost-five-year-old son. he's asleep in his big-boy bed. he has kicked off the covers and is nearly snoring in deep sleep. in the corner of his bed there is his bear, wilbur, and his frog, max. beside him is his most powerful transformer, guns poised and ready, protecting him from any bad guys and bad dreams.

what is it? there is something so tender, so innocent about five...he's not ahsamed to clutch a bear and hug it, or sleep with it for security, and yet there is the emerging MAN--HE WHO WIELDS A WEAPON--HE WHO PROTECTS THE PREMISES--he who hugs and kisses his little sister when she bumps her head, and tenderly strokes her hair after her first haircut.

oh, LORD, please help me to remember these days. small boy, big man, all at once in one loveable person.

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