Monday, April 17, 2006

Who are you Blaming for your Plus Size Wardrobe?

If you are reading this and are overweight, please...don't take offense. I don't know why or how you became overweight and what you plan or don't plan to do about it. I myself am overweight, and I'm working furiously to overcome that state. I have mentioned before the campaign in our house to overhaul our health...

But...this campaign to make McDonald's responsible for the nation's obesity problem is patently ridiculous. Doesn't anyone take responsibility for the food they ingest? A child cannot go to McDonald's lest a grown-up, most likely a parent takes them. A human adult cannot eat a Big Mac or a Crispy Chicken #7 combo meal lest they walk in and order it. McD's has made an honest profit offering exactly what people who walk through their doors are looking for--food that is fast, convenient and tastes good, much as we hate to admit it. If you don't like how fat you are, then stop going to McDonald's. You'll probably not lose weight that way. You might have to actually make some lifestyle changes along with it, but don't sue them or write a book about how they are to blame for your health issues. Everything in moderation, my friend...everything in moderation.

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